For many a year now, we at JMP have been telling ourselves ‘we must update our website’ and our clients ‘we really must update our website’. Well that time has come. Even one of our cofounding partners suggested it might be time we had some new images…here’s to you Mr Moore.

So we have teamed up with Rory Black and his team at Designworks in Kendal to have a bit of a relaunch. We won’t do this in a flashy way, it’s not really our style, but it is interesting to review the back catalogue of our work and how satisfying it is to, just now and again, take stock and be proud of what we do. As tomorrow it will be back to, amongst other things, designing drainage layouts, coffee, searching for that scale ruler again, more coffee, maybe some cycle chat, all the time thinking about that next design challenge entrusted to us by our wonderful clients.

And it is this last point that really hits home. We have the joy to work with some clients on many different projects over a long period of time, building trust in what we do.  Our portfolio is extremely varied. We do not claim to be specialists in any particular genre of architecture, we just work with our clients to solve problems. We work in a beautiful part of the world on some wonderful projects with and for some amazing people.

Always looking for more.